Are you considering modifying your jeep to take it off-road? It can be quite exciting to consider what extras you can add to your vehicle but the decisions made should be considered with care. You want to be sure you have what you need when going off-road to enjoy a safe and fun driving experience. Below are a few examples of the top Jeep modifications you should consider, including a Jeep XJ lift kit, in order to achieve maximum performance and safety when off-roading.



One of the must-haves when upgrading is a winch. You want to make sure you have a quality winch included so that when you go off-road, you have an option for towing in recovery situations. When going off-roading with fellow Jeep owners, a winch can come in pretty handy!


When modifying your Jeep, be sure to consider adding new tires that will be appropriate for the terrain you wish to traverse. You want to consider what you will be doing. Are you going to be off-roading in high altitudes or in mud or snow? The terrain will determine what type of tires you need for your jeep.

Lift Kits

A lift kit is very important when going off-road. The vehicle needs to be lifted so that there is enough clearance for the vehicle to move over rocks and other rough terrain. You will be able to enjoy your ride without getting stuck or have trouble when crossing water. An XJ lift kit is just one of many kits recommended at in order for your Jeep to experience maximum performance.

Rock Sliders

Another option that many Jeep owners do not consider is rock sliders. This addition goes along the side of your Jeep and projects the vehicle when rock crawling. The sliders protect your Jeep like armor but also double as a step.

Hood Latch

This may seem silly, but a quality Jeep hood latch will work to keep the most important part of your vehicle safe, the engine. Such examples of a good hood latch include the Rampage Hood Catch Kit, which comes in several styles and colors at