This year’s NHL playoff’s have been as exciting as it gets.  With the exception of my LA Kings not making it, this has been one of the best 1st rounds I’ve watched in years.  The boys in Toronto have exceeded Dart-man’s expectations and are making the rest of their fans heads explode.  It looks like Smashville is a hockey town, who knew?  And how about McDavid with his cast of misfits and play-makers sending Jumbo-Joe and the rest of those bottom feeders in San Jose back to the abyss.  Good stuff!  But the greatest discovery to come from the first round of the Stanley Cup Finals doesn’t have anything to do with hockey’s holy grail.  It’s just a couple danglers from Alberta.

Calgary got the first round finish they deserved with Johnny Hockey experiencing what it’s like to play big boy hockey and Matty Tkachuk constantly looking like he lost his wallet.  It’s not the satisfaction of seeing the boys who destroyed LA’s chance of making the cut get wiped off the board.  It’s videos posted by two Calgary dudes who share their love for the game.

Meet Olly and Jakob.   A couple former pros from the exotic leagues who sent inspirational videos to their boys in red as they entered their 2nd post-season in 8 years.  I want to write this letter to Hollywood actor/director Jay Baruchel and Hollywood director Michael Dowse who are both NHL lovers in their own right, just in case Olly and Jakob may have missed your radar.

Meet the boys.

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Olly and Jakob with their budding show On the Bench provide pro tips on various aspects of the game.  In this clip below you’ll see some skating tips/techniques.

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As the Calgary Flames were sinking with an 0-3 start Olly and Jakob had some tips on physical play.

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Skate sharpening pro tips.

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Dear Jay and Michael,

I’m writing you as two of the best hockey filmmakers currently active in Hollywood.  Since Slapshot and Strange Brew, your films Goon, Goon 2 and Fubar: Balls to the Wall are the reigning best hockey/good ol’ Canada boy films of current time.  I would like to request that you consider developing an online series, television series or feature film starring Calgary’s unsung professionals Olly Postanin and Jakob Ardown.  As a recreational hockey player from Long Beach, CA who has never been to the land of moose and maple syrup my passion for Canadian comedy has been re-energized.  A little bit Trailer Park Boys with a dash of the Deaner these two deadpan performers have me absolutely dying with their avant garde style clips filled with northern slang and trend setting threads.  I ask that you consider this request as fan of the greatest sport on earth and a lover of film and quality entertainment.  On the Bench is a series that needs to be made.  Do it for Canada, do it for the game, do it for the people.  Make it happen it boys!



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On The Bench