March was a pretty good movie viewing month.  Highlights include I Don’t Feel at Home in this World Anymore and Brimstone.  Some other good ones mixed in there too, but I think those 2 were my favorites.

The Accountant

As a math savant uncooks the books for a new client, the Treasury Department closes in on his activities and the body count starts to rise.


This movie was just okay.  It wasn’t bad and it wasn’t great.  It held my interest, but it felt like an adaptation of my moms book clubs favorite crime thriller.  While watching I could kind of tell where things were headed and when the resolution presented itself it felt a bit on the nose.  With the criticism out of the way, this film is a great Sunday night movie.  Pop the popcorn, pour the cokes and hop on the couch.  Don’t expect to be blown away with anything groundbreaking but you will be entertained.

Nutshell:  Action, Thriller, Nothing new
Should I WatchSure, it’s not great but it’s not bad
Where to Watch:  DVD, Amazon Prime, iTunes.

The Accountant – Trailer


I Don’t Feel at Home in this World Anymore (2017)

When a depressed woman is burglarized, she finds a new sense of purpose by tracking down the thieves alongside her obnoxious neighbor. But they soon find themselves dangerously out of their depth against a pack of degenerate criminals.


This movie is so good.  I wrote a feature on it earlier in the month, link is below.  Make sure you watch this movie.  You’ll get some insight on my cinema-mind and what takes movies to the next level for me.  It’s all about characters and execution.  This is a very simple story that is brought to life by the unique characters and the situations they are put in.  So good.


Nutshell:  Dark Humor, Blood, Shock, Laugh
Should I Watch:  Yes
Where to Watch:  Netflix Streaming

Pet (2016)

A psychological thriller about a man who bumps into an old crush and subsequently becomes obsessed with her, leading him to hold her captive underneath the animal shelter where he works. But what will the victim have in store for her captor?


I wrote an article about this film as well.  I put the link button below.  Check it out and get the full scoop on this horror/thriller.

Pet – Review

Nutshell:  Horror film, Gore, Entertaining
Should I WatchIf you’re a fan of horror films or thrillers then yes, I think you should check it out.
Where to Watch:  Amazon Streaming, Netflix DVD

Brimstone (2016)

From the moment the new reverend climbs the pulpit, Liz knows she and her family are in great danger.


Sorry to keep making you jump to link after link but I wrote a review on this film as well.  Check it out.  This film received some heat but I really enjoyed it.  I thought it gave a unique perspective of the frontier from a woman’s perspective.  Some elements are a little dramatic but I focused more on the life of our main character and her survival.

Brimstone – Review

Nutshell: Thriller, Unique, Check it out.
Should I Watch:  Yes, I recommend watching it.  If you’re squimish with blood, there will be moment when you need to close your eyes.
Where to Watch:  Theaters.  Maybe streaming now.



Cheap Thrills (2013)

A scheming couple put a struggling family man and his old friend through a series of increasingly twisted dares over the course of an evening at a local bar.


I had no idea what to expect when I hit play on my Netflix account.  The movie is about a “Hollywood-esk” couple that puts two old friends through a series of dares to win cash.  As the prize gets higher so do the stakes.  It stars Mr. Papagiorgio himself Ethan Embry and Champ from Anchorman.  I thought the film was okay.  It was well executed and the story was simple and shocking.  I liked that they didn’t over complicate things and it was what it was.  A story of two old friends who hook up with a weird couple with a lot of money and compete in their dares.  This movie isn’t going to win any awards but if you’re in the mood to be shocked and awed, check it out.

Nutshell: Gore, Thrilling, Entertaining
Should I Watch:  Sure, it’s bloody and shocking at times.  Don’t expect a lot just go for the ride.
Where to Watch:  Netflix Streaming

Cheap Thrills – Trailer


XX (2017)

Four short horror films that are directed and written by women.


This movie was pretty bad.  It’s set up just like the old Creepshow movies, except those were good.  It’s four different tales with an interstitial stop motion piece in between each short.  Not one of the four was really any good.  A couple were okay and the others left me shaking my head in confusion.  I think that if you’re going to create a film with limitations like only using female writers and directors you need to cast your net a little further and do more prep before production.  Find the absolute best stories by the best female writers across the globe.  If you cut your talent pool by a half right in the beginning it’s a must.  I wouldn’t recommend watching this.   You can let it pass by and check out something else like Creepshow or Tales from the Darkside.

Nutshell: Horror, Stale, Blah, Pass
Should I Watch:  You can watch way better scary shorts online.
Where to Watch:  Google Play, iTunes, YouTube

XX – Trailer


The Wailing (2016)

Suspicion leads to hysteria when rural villagers link a series of brutal murders to the arrival of a mysterious stranger.


Korean horror/thrillers are some of the best films around.  The Wailing is no exception.  I have to admit it’s not as good as Korean classics like Oldboy (2003) or I Saw the Devil (2011) but The Wailing is very entertaining.  It combines a mix of humor, terror and fantasy.  It’s the story of a village that is seeing numerous murders and the towns people suspect the arrival of an outsider as the killer.  The performances, the directing, cinematography and effects in this film are excellent.  Lead actor Do-won Kwak gives an excellent performance.  My only knock on the movie as a whole is that it’s a little long.  It runs about 2 hours and 30 minutes.  I’m a huge fan of films wrapping up within 90 minutes.  Bless the 80s!  Once I hit about 2 hours and 10 minutes I start shifting in my seat and begin thinking about how long the movie is.  Don’t let that deter you from checking out this film.  It gets a pass.

Nutshell: Horror, Subtitles, Korean, Thumbs up.
Should I Watch:  If you’re a fan of horror, cinema and/or unique stories than it’s a must.
Where to Watch:  Netflix Streaming.

The Wailing – Trailer


Ice Guardians (2016)

Hockey enforcers struggle to rise through the professional ranks as the role slowly disappears from the game.


This is a sports documentary about the role of the hockey enforcer.  I thought it was a great film and an excellent look at what means to a team to have a guy that is willing to protect his teammates.  With the NHL in fear of being sued and cast in a negative light due to the concussion topic being white hot currently, fighting in the NHL is slowly being weeded out of the game.  This documentary highlights the last of great heavyweights and through player interviews the film discusses the importance of fighting in the game.  As Brett Hull states, there is no Wayne Gretzky without Dave Semenko and Marty McSorley.  He also makes a valid point about how Sidney Crosby’s career could’ve been so different if he had tough guys protecting him the way Gretzky did.

I thought this was a great documentary and I hope it reaches a large audience to show that fighting is not a barbaric part of the game.  It’s a necessity to keep guys honest and protect your teammates.  I also loved the fact that the 80 year old neuroscientist in the film states his opinion that fighting is not needed in the game and it should be removed. About 95%  of NHL players past and present think fighting needs to be in the game.  Now the NHL will probably favor the neuroscientist’s opinion, who has never played a game of competitive hockey in his life and will never understand  the intangible effects it has on the psychology and safety to all guys on the ice.  Just like in real life, it’s guys who bury their faces in books there whole life and don’t have any real knowledge about what it takes to get things done, calling the shots.  It’s kinda funny but kinda sad too.

Nutshell: Sports, NHL, Fighting, Great!
Should I Watch:  Yes, even if you’re not a hockey fan, I think you’ll appreciate it.
Where to Watch:  YouTube, Google Play


Ice Guardians – Trailer