In case you’ve never been to Disneyland they have a ride called Star Tours.  The idea behind the ride is that you are at a futuristic “airport” type launch bay in the Star Wars universe.  As you are moving through the line, there are video screens and posters advertising travel to various planets in the science fiction world.  Recently Disneyland has done an overhaul on the ride and upgraded it’s look and the actual attraction from the original.  I believe this would make it Star Tours 2.0.

The original had some pretty cool posters hanging inside the launch bay que and I recently came across them online.  Check out the inter-galactic board of tourism’s promotional pitch for travel to their planets.  Breathe the nostalgia in.

1-Star Tours Classic

2-Star Tours Classic

3-Star Tours Classic

4-Star Tours Classic

5-Star Tours Classic

6-Star Tours Classic

7-Star Tours Classic


Like most of you, I’m sure.  If I had my pick, I’m going to Endor to hang out in those trees houses and party with the Ewoks.