Damn, if you’re looking for a funny, creative and at times jaw dropping film to watch, look no further.  I saw this movie pop up on my Netflix account and noticed Elijah Wood looking like Justin Long in The Sasquatch Gang.  It got my attention.  I checked out the trailer and saw the film won Sundance which is impressing.  It also stars a girl named Melanie Lynskey that I can’t remember seeing in any other movie except Peter Jackson’s Heavenly Creatures (1994) back in the day.



The story is about a lady in her mid to late 30s whose life kinda blows.  She’s at the point in life where she’s beginning to notice how shitty people in our world really can be.  Ruth, hits her breaking point when her house is broken into and some invaluable items are stolen.  The story takes off when she enlists the help of an eccentric martial artist who lives down the street.  The two of them embark on a stolen goods recovery mission that leads them to greater depths when they find the group that is responsible for the burglary.

This was a great movie.  It was funny, unique and had my eyes bugging out of my head at times.  The story was a very simple one.  It was about a girl seeking redemption.  It’s the characters in this film that made it so great.  They all seem to have something relatable or are a variation of a character we’ve seen before but with an additional element that makes them brand new.  Guy Richie’s Snatch is also a great example of the use of characters that are original and compelling.  Don’t be confused this film is nothing like Snatch, but it’s use of characters to add more color to the story can be compared.


Elijah Wood gives a great performance, his spin on the weird neighbor is completely his own.  Wood has been batting pretty good lately.  I thought Cooties was a really fun film and his remake of the 80s POV serial killer slasher Maniac was awesome!  I try to watch it every Halloween.  It’s a highly underrated movie.  The Wood is all good!

Looking for something to watch on Netflix?  I know at times it can be so hard.  Like looking in a fridge filled with food and there’s nothing to eat.  Check out this movie, I guarantee you’ll be entertained.

Nutshell:  Dark Humor, Blood, Shock, Laugh
Should I Watch:  Yes
Where to Watch:  Netflix Streaming

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