Swiss Princess

by A. Ovechkin

Good morning everybody.  First, I would like to begin by saying thank you to Ponyboy for letting me guest post on world famous blog.  My name is Alexander Ovechkin and I am professional hockey player in NHL.  I am captain of Washington Capitals and considered by many the best scorer in world.  I have not won Stanley Cup yet but I feel our team will win very soon.

A little about my professional career.  I was drafted number 1 overall in 2004 NHL Draft.  The next season was lockout in NHL so I continued to play in Russia and joined my team the Washington Capitals in 2005-06.  That season I won Calder Trophy as Rookie of the Year with 52 goals and 54 assists and finished 3rd overall in league scoring.  I have led NHL in scoring 6 times in my career and have won the Rocket Richard Trophy (scoring), the Art Ross Trophy (most points), Hart Memorial Trophy (league MVP) and Lester B. Pearson Award (NHLPA MVP).

Most hockey fans already know these things, but there are many things you don’t know.  When deciding what to talk about in this article, I decided to do a photo essay of something that is very important to me.  Love.  In this story I will share with you when I first experienced the power of this unseen force.  The power of love.

I was born September 17, 1985 in beautiful Moscow, Russia.  Not long after birth my family moved to outskirts of Moscow where I would grow up.


I remember in our home we had two windows and I would often take photographs with my fathers camera.  I loved taking pictures!


I was a happy boy coming from a hardworking family with not a lot of money.  My parents would always spend any extra money they had on stuff for me and my brothers.  They loved us dear.

Ovi Kid

My Babushka lived with us too.  She was such a fun and beautiful lady.


I would love it when she make her famous goulash in shoe for dinner.

Goulash Shoe

I had a few cousins that live not to far from our building.  I would love to visit because they had a house with a big area to play outside.  It was so much fun playing with them.  We would go to park, go to river and do all kinds of mischievous things kids do.

This was our favorite park.

Favorite Park

My oldest cousin Olaf.


Spying on my Auntie with Alexei


My middle cousin Alexei


My youngest cousin and best friend Egor.

Egor and Alex

The river was such a fun place to be.  We loved swimming, fishing and being boys.

The river mouth, where the fun begins! That green is such cool color!


Lots of babes on the beach!


A friend named Ruslan could be seen daily in the summer.


One time me and Egor caught fish that was 55 kilos!  These type of Russian carp fish are usually 1 kilo at largest!  Score!!!  We had feast that night!



Alex Ovechkin


I first learned about girls…and love; when my Auntie went on holiday to Moscow for 1 week leaving Olaf in charge of the house.  Prior to this, Olaf had been working daily at slaughter farm for many hours.  This was job Olaf despised and rarely would attend.


Nobody in family knew what was going on?!  Olaf was usually lazy guy who likes to do nothing and drink vodka, but during this month he was possessed.  When Auntie left, me and Egor learned why he worked so much before. On day 1 Olaf brought home car full of local “sexy girls.”  This continued over next 5 days!  These were the times that taught me about my love for women.



Russian Girl

Olaf even let us join him one afternoon to look for his next sexy girl.  It was so much fun, he even let me and Egor decide which one to choose.


We picked her…HAHAHA!  Olaf didn’t care, he was like a Mad-dog during this week!


This was the first time I fall in love with girl.  And no, I’m not talking about her in pic above.

It was day 5 of Olaf’s sexcapade.  He brought home a beautiful, very young girl.  I watched through a crack in the door as she kissed Olaf’s Kolbasa.  She noticed me and we made eye contact.  We must have stared into each others eyes for the entire 30 seconds.  Olaf grunted and then was asleep very quickly after.  As she put her clothes back on she gave me a wink.  My face got hot with heat!  I knew I must somehow show her I loved her.  I didn’t have any treasures….any gold!  Then I remembered, we had a fresh block of Swiss cheese.  It is a very precious food in our country and Alexei had stolen a block while drunk in city.  I carefully cut her a nice slice and when we locked eyes in the doorway, I presented it to her.  She put the slice around her gold necklace then kissed me on the lips.


She whispered in my ear “I will keep this cheese forever.”  My heart melted.


That winter I discovered the game of hockey and my life soon changed forever. Love was a thing I no longer had time to desire.




I soon advanced in my skills in hockey and became a star.




Ovi dog

Something in my life was not complete.


OVI Sexy

The words she whispered were still stuck in my brain like a drunken man on fresh cement.


I was married in August 2016 and cannot confirm nor deny that I ever saw my swiss princess again.  All that I can say…is that I married the love of my life.

Swiss Princess


Alexander Mikhailovich “Alex” Ovechkin is a Russian professional ice hockey winger and captain of the Washington Capitals of the National Hockey League.  He is 31 years old, plays left wing and has a salary of $10 million per year.