I’ll be the first to admit, I have a George Costanza wallet.  Without fail, I always accumulate a massive amount of crap that I don’t need and stuff it into my wallet.



When I sit, I’m lopsided and my right butt-cheek yearns for this new Kickstarter project launching today.  The slimJIMMY is a small thin leather wallet that holds up to 12 cards & 15 bills.  It’s made by the guys who created The Jimmy Case iPhone wallet that was extremely successful.  This new slim profile wallet is cool because it’s like a money clip but it can hold credit cards, licence, etc. and slide right into your back pocket without causing you to feel like you’re sitting on a rock.


The slimJIMMY has an RFID side pocket made of a custom blend of elastic that form fits to your cards.  The leather made RFID safe pocket is where you can store some cash and more cards.  I’m a fan of these guys products because they are high quality and made in the USA.  If you’re in the market for a new wallet, check them out.



 KickstarterPage Here