It’s that time again.  The bell has rung and the grades are in.  Ponyboy meticulously went through each selfie and graded them based on composition, subject matter and creativity.  School is in suckas!  Take your seats and pay attention!  Selfie Grades v3 is now.


We’re going to start off with a banger.  This is an excellent example of a sexy classy selfie.  The composition of this shot is perfect.  She’s showcasing a nice rack up from and a tight little bubble in the back.  Her body is spot on and the slight arch in the back accentuates that golden brown bikini eater.  I love the use of the mirror so we can view the entire package.  Good work girl.  I think you made Honor Roll.

Selfie Grades



This is an okay selfie.  I have a few problems I’ll start with before we get to the positives.  First off, her boobs are soooo fake.  I don’t usually knock fake boobs unless they are ridiculous.  These are kind of ridiculous.  I don’t know how many of you have handled boobs like this but I have and they do feel extremely hard and fake.  Getting past that her composition is okay and the portion of her face we see is pretty hot.  I do love her outfit choice.  That blue thing is super hot.  I’m going to give you a redo girl.  Let’s try it again.



This is a good one!  Our girl here is getting a B++ only because we don’t have the reverse angle to see what she’s carrying in the back.  From the front is an A+.  I love the bikini choice.  Tight bottoms are the right bottoms on this grade scale.  She’s pretty, she’s stylish and she’s got the brains to maintain in the selfie game.  Good work!


This is a solid B.  She gets points for the location of the photo.  Changing room photos are always hot.  I love the composition with the front and reverse using the mirror.  I would love to see a little more up front.  The black bar tube top doesn’t give any clue of what’s packed in it.  The reverse is good, it feels a little far away but it’s a decent showcase.  I like you girl, keep on posting.



White girl wasted did a decent job.  This looks like a morning after a hard night at the bars pic.  She’s got some hot little jammies on the bottom tat are giving us a sneak peak of what lies beneath.  She’s pulling a pretty wicked arch so who knows how fluffy those cheeks really are but that’s not what I’m grading.  I’m grading the picture at hand and those socks combined with the yellow bottoms and hair in the ponytail really work for me.  You passed!



Ayoooo!  This book worm has done her homework.  Ohhh wee!  This is a good one!  From head down, I love the red bandanna accenting the the top she’s wearing.  She’s got a pretty face and that hand pulling the front of the shirt down is sexy as hell!  I’m lost for words on the booty.  It’s like a perfectly browned marshmallow that everyone wants a bite of.  If some of you girls are looking for a study partner, she’s right here!



I’m always down for nice cougar!  This mama bear is still peaking on the sexy-meter.  She looks to have some voluptuous tats shadowed underneath that black body suit.  He legs look strong and soft.  She reminds me of Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct.  Like a black widow spider she’ll give you the night of your life and then destroy you.  I wish I could see a reverse, but I’m certain it’s plump and  pleasant.  I’d sure like her to teach me lesson.



This spicy latina has some produce packed in the front.  She’s given us the birds eye view of a solid and smooth rack that’s ready to burst out of that highlighter-colored boulder holder.  I don’t think she’s wearing any bottoms which is nice but I’d like to see more from the back.  This is a good display of the top, but to make the grade you need to complete the assignment.  Better luck next time.



This is a damn good one.  This one gets a B+/A-.  I put the B+ first because I just don’t feel this is quite “A” territory.  With that said, this is a great selfie.  The outfit choice is spot on, no pun intended.  I like the garter and those globes are just chewing on that fabric.  Would like to see a front angle but I can overlook that will all that’s going on down below.  Good work!




Now many of you may disagree with this grade but this is coming straight from the core of the Ponyboy.  I absolutely love pics like this.  Girls showing off what’s hidden underneath that denim.  It’s so hot!  This lovely lady knows just what she’s doing and that flat stomach and silky panties just drive her point total into the upper percentiles.  Good work sexy lady, I’d love to see the sequel to this panty preview.



This young lady is pretty hot.  Her boobs are extremely fake but that are presented perfectly.  Aesthetically in conjunction with that tight pink top you’re looking at symmetrical  perfection.  She looks pretty cute and has a tight body.  Would like to see take some pointers from the girl above.  Overall this is an average score.



This is excellent work.  This isn’t a mind blowing selfie but she is packing serious cargo.  Up top is not much to be desired but I don’t have a problem with that.  This picture is almost to perfect like it’s from a magazine recreating a selfie.  It’s a clean pic and that outfit couldn’t suit her any better.  I’d love to see some flapping and jiggling in a GIF version of this pic.  Great work!




This picture gets serious bonus points because this looks to be taken at work or some place of professional business.  I imagine she took a quick restroom break because she just had to fire off a pic of those beautiful buns for the world to see.  She packing nice heat in those dinner rolls and the panties are so engulfed you can’t get a visual.  I admire this beauties passion and tenacity in regards to her selfie game.  Great job.  Remember girls, you can’t go wrong with a workplace selfie.  Keep’em coming!  Class is dismissed.