Rare Star Wars Polaroids

Check out these Polaroid photos that have been floating around the internet lately. It’s from the production of Star Wars. On a film set there are numerous reasons why Polaroids are taken. Make-up, costume, continuity, etc. These have been hiding in someone’s desk for a few years but know they are out for the world to see. I have some Polaroids or Jennifer Gardner when she was working on the TV show Alias. When the show wrapped the entire production office became a ghost town and some interns were in charge of throwing everything out. One of them came across a box filled with pictures of Sydney Bristow, it was from the make-up dept.   I grabbed a few showed them to my friends and threw them in a drawer. Who knows maybe in 15 years I’ll scan them and some up and coming Ponyboy will post them on his site.  Circle of life.








Rare Star Wars Polaroids


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