Here we go for another round of Selfie Grades, where we give A’s to F’s for selfies sexy and otherwise.  Let’s do it…


Let’s get started in the right direction.  This is a good example of a basic “conservative ass shot selfie.”  We can see the complete ass and it looks pretty good.  Maybe her face is hideous and that’s why she didn’t show it.  Or maybe she’s extremely beautiful…we’ll never know!



You might be asking why are you giving this girl a B+????  Well let me explain my reasoning….her face is blah, nothing special but not bad, so let’s just call that a mute point for now.  It looks like she has some nice boobs and she gets points for the old school camera.  The most important thing is the low cut style panties she’s wearing.  Tight and so right!  That boosts her up near the “A” range in my book.  Thanks girl, keep it up.



Solid “B” selfie right here.  You know those tight panties are getting swallowed up by the big booty that we’d cut off our pinky toe to see right now.  Would love to see less sports bra and more boob.  This is a fine example of a “tease-elfie.”  A “teasing seflie.”  These are the kind that classy girls send to their suitors when feeling a little naughty or the pressure of those texts that read “show me” or “send me something to look at”  “come on, I’ll delete it right away.”  You know what I’m saying.



This is a hot one.  You know based on that outfit combined with that iPhone case that this girl is a freak.  She has a face that reads, I’ve seen and done some shit in my time.    I’m pretty sure she is down for whatever and anything you’d attempt to pull on her would pale in comparison to all the other things she’s done.  I love it!



This one almost goes back to that saying “Lady in the Streets, Freak in the Sheets.”  That tattoo kind of kills that idea though.  She looks a little more wild than what I imagine the girl in that saying to be.  Anyhow, she does look very good and her babs look fab.  This is a great outfit and def makes you want to see more.



This is not good.  I give this poor girl kudos for trying but her body looks like a middle school boys.  She needs to eat or maybe get some boobs.  I also keep noticing that vein in her arm.  It looks like a man arm.  Like it hit puberty way faster than the rest of her body and is in constant in search of a hammer.



I’m giving her an “A-” because of three things.  First, I love that pose.  A lot of girls attempt it but it only works on hot, compact ladies with good bodies.  Second, it’s the ponytail.  I love a good ponytail and she’s got one.  Third and lastly, one piece bathing suits.  On the right girl, like her, they are so hot!  And the fact that it’s white is a bonus.  Girls that wear white bathing suits don’t give a shit.  When water hits it, it could be see-through and they still wear it confidently.  Good work by this snow queen.



Big juggles teasing us against a chair.  Good work by this young lady to use her environment to create a picture that makes you want so much more.



This is a good one.  The “just woke up selfie” is strong if you can pull it off.  This girl has the looks and the bombs to perfect it.  Now if she only showed a hint of panty poking out-the top of those PJs then she’d reach the pinnacle of the sexy selfie game.



Changing room selfies always rank high in my book.  There’s an instant amateur feel to the mise en scene of the image that makes you think, I might see this girl the next time I’m at Ross.  This lovely lady made great use of the mirrors in the room as well as he selection of under garments that accentuate that smoking hot bod.



Good try but you need to take some tips from some of the pros above.  She looks like she has a nice butt and I like the hot pink toes but she needs to work on her angles.  I want to see more cheek and maybe some side boob.  Give it another try and I’ll take a look.



Work place selfies rank high just like changing room selfies do.  This is another example of the amateur scenerio I mentioned above.  This girl is to skinny and doesn’t look to have much happening up top but I appreciate the effort and contributing to the “Work Place Selfie” catergory I love.




You don’t have to be half-naked to get a good grade in the selfie game.  What you need to do is look hot and if you’re not showing a lot of skin you need to leave us wanting more. That’s what this girl did in this pic.  He outfit choice is smoking hot.  That candy cane top hold those bombs just makes you beg and plead to the screen to see more.  She’s got it going on, she knows that, and that’s okay.



Dumb faces get you D’s and in some cases F’s.  I don’t know what these girls are thinking when they post these pics with stupid looks on their faces.  This girl has a look on her face like my Uncle Leonard just asked her to a Sizzler dinner.



Here’s a solid A  “work place selfie.”  The polka dot bra, hot pink panties combined with the scrubs! Damn, it’s hot!  Even the cat in the background is stunned.  This girl knows how to do it and some lucky dude out there gets to enjoy the spoils of this creational victory.



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