Las Vegas Pools and Pool Parties


I haven’t been to Vegas in like 4 years which is a pretty long time for me because my friends and I have been going every year since we were 18 years old.  You’re thinking, what does an 18-19-20 year old do in Vegas?  Well, those were some of the best trips we ever took.  What you do is you buy big gulps and fill them to the brim with Gin and Juice and head out for a nice walk on the strip.  You’ll meet all kinds of people.  You might even take a pee in a glass elevator, take a little dip in the Paris water fountain or tip your friend over in a out-house.  Lot’s of great things could happen, just go with it.

I have a trip planned this June to the MGM Grand with the crew.  A few of us booked the Sky Terrace Suite which is a bad-ass room.  Check it out if you haven’t heard of it.  It has an outdoor patio bigger than my house.  I saw that MGM has a business in it called REVIV.  This is crazy and awesome.  REVIV is a Wellness Spa that is run by Board Certified Physicians that specialize in making sure you can party that night.

REVIV offers IV treatments to rehydrate your body and help recover from that evil hangover.  In just 30 minutes your body will be injected with a cocktail of B-12, anti-nausea medication, pain reliever and an energy booster to get you back on your feet.  The typical hangover will take about 11 hours to recover from, after this treatment you’ll be back in party shape within 3.  REVIV offers a few different treatment packages but if you’re looking for the hangover cure it will cost you $99 dollars.  I’m going to try it when I’m there.  I get terrible hangovers and am grateful to have this service in my back pocket.