Remember these watches…Well, it looks like Freestyle has some new models of the classic Shark watch.  I loved my Shark watches back in the day and would get so pissed when someone would Shark me.  If you can’t remember how to do it, it’s pressing all four side buttons at the same time and it will reset the entire watch.

This is a side story but I remember one time at a party at our buddy Nick’s house Spider left his old school Nokia phone laying around when he went to the store.  We took his phone and changed the language to Hebrew.  Spider couldn’t change it back because you had to go through to many different steps that we couldn’t figure out because we couldn’t read it.  Ha!  Spider was so pissed!  The next day he had to take his phone to the store so they could decode the ancient language….Anyway, they have different models on their site but these ones below are the OG classic designs.  Check it!