If you love to travel, take cruises and see the world then this is for you or something to work toward.  The World Residences at Sea is a luxury cruise ship that has 200 staterooms for sale.  Don’t think it’s a room like your typical Carinval Cruise ship stateroom either.  You have the option of purchasing something as simple as a nice studio unit to a 3 bedroom mini house complete with your own kitchen, that’s yours to furnish however you like.  The ship includes all the amenities you would imagine your typical cruise ship to offer like a gym, swimming pools, restaurants, bars, a market, etc.  The ship has detailed itinerary that stops at over 150 destinations each year.  I would also imagine you could get on and off the boat as you please if you’re not interested in sailing to a particular destination.  Check out the pics below and you can watch a video on their site

Also they don’t have any prices published on the site so I’m guessing this is an experience that will only be experienced by those in the 1%.  So if this sounds like your life’s dream to live on this ship then work on those mopping skills and apply for a job and maybe you’ll get lucky enough to scrub their toilets.  Check it out, it looks cool