Do you have terrible farts?  Do you clear the room after a large glass of milk?  Do you’re co-workers dread Taco Tuesdays when you’re around?  Well fear no more and let me introduce you to a product called Shreddies, the fart filtering undies.  These undies harness the same material that is used chemical warfare suits and if you’ve been around me after a night of drinking, the term chemical warfare is an accurate description.  The briefs are capable of stopping smells 200x stronger than the average crop dusting.  These undies come all styles including boxers, boxer briefs and tighty whities.  Don’t fret ladies, they make these bomb blockers in panties too.  Checkout some of the pics below and also do yourself a favor and read some of the customer reviews, Billy B. from Arizona’s career was saved because of these things.






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