One of the scariest movies I watched as a kid was Pet Sematary.  It was a terrifying combination of everything a great scary movie should have.  Psychological fear,  pop out scares and a good dose of gore.  Pet Sematary is based on a Stephen King novel and is the story of the Creed family, an all American bunch who left the big city for a little peace in the country.  What their realtor failed to mention, is that their home sits on a highway that is more like a drag strip for truckers.  When the Creeds family cat “Church” is struck and killed by a big rig, Louis (Mr. Creed) is led to a “Pet Semetary” by his new friend and neighbor Jud.  Jud decides to take Louis to a spot just behind the “Sematary” which is an ancient Indian Micmac burial ground.  They bury that cat and head back home.  A week later Church the cat shows back up, a little stinky and beat up.  When Louis consults Jud about this, Jud’s response is “The dead don’t stay dead.”   That’s when the shit begins….

This movie has some awesome practical fx, probably the best of it’s time.  We watched this movie at every sleep over I went to as a kid and each time it was as equally terrifying.   I remember being so afraid to go the bathroom by myself after watching it.

The movie also has the scariest character I’ve ever witnessed in a movie to this date.  Zelda, a nightmarishly terrifying girl who suffers from spinal meningitis and screeches words that have been forever etched in my brain….Raaaachelll……Racheeeeelll!!!!

If you haven’t seen Pet Sematary check it out.  It’s probably not going to be as scary as I remember it but it’s still a great scary movie.

Check out these behind the scenes pics from the production…












Z-PETSEM10Zelda…one scary bitch