Everybody loves a good pair of shades…Check out this Sunglass and Snowboard Goggle company I recently discovered called Zeal Optics.  They are based in Colorado and makes some pretty  dope products.  I’m extremely picky when it comes to sunglasses, the fit/how they look on me and the way it looks through the lenses….of course.  I just picked up a pair of the ACE’s in Black from Zeal and they live up to my standards of quality and dopeness.  Check out their site for more of their products and models.  Next I want to get the Seafoam KENNEDY’s and ACE’s in Tuxedo for those dinner parties I’ll someday be invited to….sweeeeet.



10722_ace_tuxedo_q_1KENNEDY – Seafoam


DARBY – Wood Grain

10420_darby_quarter_1They have a bunch more models on their site, also something worth mentioning, all their sunglass frames are made of 100% plant based material so it’s good for everyone.