Have you heard of Kim Dotcom???  I hadn’t until recently.  He’s a 6′ 7″ 330lb,  39 year old German internet mogul who founded the website Megaupload.com.  I’ve never been on Megaupload let alone heard of it, but I guess it’s a large format file sharing network, the first of it’s kind, that allowed it’s 150 million registered users the ability to upload movies on the internet.  Kim Dotcom became the poster boy of internet piracy and currently the entertainment industry has a $500 million dollar lawsuit  against him that could land him 55 years in the pen.


I’m all about “in a nutshell” so let’s just breakdown Kim Dotcom’s career and personal highlights with these bullet points:

-In the 90s Kim was a hacker that was convicted of computer fraud, espionage and insider trading.

-His site Megaupload was the 13th most visited website ever.

-He lives in the most expensive house ever built in New Zealand, $25 million dollar estate.

-Megaupload’s main office was located in Hong Kong luxury hotel suite costing $12,000 a day.

-When the police raided his house in New Zealand they seized $5 million dollars worth of cars.  Some of the license plates read “GOD” “HACKER” “STONED” “MAFIA.”

-In November 2013 Kim Dotcom became Call of Duty: Ghosts best player in the world.

-During Megauploads height Kim was making $150,000 a day off of ad revenue.

-Kim Dotcom’s net worth is reported at $200 million dollars.


 Check out this really interesting video Vice Magazine did on him.