If you’re looking to buy that first Blu-Ray of the new year make it Elysium.  I just watched this the other night and it’s awesome.  This is the follow-up film to director Neil Bloomkamp’s other great SciFi movie District 9.  Elysium takes place in the distant future where a decaying planet earth that has been ravaged  by war and over population is home to a hopeless world of humans. The extremely rich have all retreated to a space station utopia called Elysium.  Now I’m not going to get into the story but as you can assume, this movie is filled with action and special fx.  What I love about this film and Neil Bloomkamp’s approach to making films, is his use of practical effects mixed with digital fx.  BloomKamp utilizes the techinque I have always thought works the best.  He shoots all his effects as practical as he can and then uses digital fx to enhance them.  He doesn’t depend on them as much as he uses the CGI to enhance his real special fx.   This film looks amazing.  Like District 9 you can taste the dirt in your mouth and smell the gun powder in the air.  Not like other SciFi films where it’s like looking at a screen saver for 2 hours.  Check out this movie and watch the video below, it gives some insight on the special fx used in the film.