This thing is so dope!  I want this!!  Bolex is an old school 16mm film camera company.  We used them in film school.  The cameras we used has a crank on the side and you had to manually crank them to get the film through the camera.  When I worked at a music video production company one of the directors had a relationship with a jewerly guy named David Yurman.  The director would shoot ads with supermodels wearing jewels with a Bolex.  The footage is cool.  I posted a video below.

Bolex now stepped into the digital age releasing the Bolex D16 Cinema Camera.  It has a retro look but packs the lastest digital technology combined with the legendary Bolex quality.  More info on their site.  They start at $3299.99.




Digital Bolex

I went to set on this one and I have never seen such a fancy set up.  The mansion was amazing, the catering served things like duck, fresh fish and champagne.  There were millions of dollars worth of jewels being handled and the people, I’m not sure who they were, but they looked like they were dressed for opening night of  New York Fashion Week.

I’ve been on a lot of sets but never anything like that.  I felt more comfortable working on Kurupt’s music videos hanging out with his entourage from Death Row.  Shout out to my boy Eastwood!