There are some many material things in this world that I desire.  I made my Christmas list and wanted to share it with you.  I also mailed my letter to Santa yesterday so hopefully he gets it in time.  Check it out…



Canon EOS C300 Cinema EOS Camcorder (body only, no lens included) $13,999.00

This thing is badass.  It has a super 35mm CMOS Sensor, Canon EF Lens Mount and records true 24p.  They actually have a step up from this that records in 4K and it’s priced at 22,999.00.  I don’t want to be greedy though.

1-Ponyboy-WishlistTo go with my new camera I also want pretty much all of the Canon Cinema Primes and Zooms.  Just so you have an idea of what they go for individually, a Cinema Prime lens kit that includes a 24, 50 and 85mm lens goes for $13,470.00

2-Ponyboy-WishlistHere is the camera production ready!  I of course would use it for filming important things like drunken testimonials from Uncle Leonard.





I would also like two First Class tickets on Emirates Airlines.  I’ve heard that they are the elite in the First Class experience.  They offer private suites that have a full mini bar, a bed and a closet.  They also have showers and a spa for the First Class guests.  I’ve never flown First Class anywhere and I want the best!  I also want two tickets because who wants to travel by themselves!









I must have had 10 different big wheels as a kid.  I would destroy them flying down hills, doing burn outs in the driveway and going off jumps.  I want to relive those childhood memories with the High Roller Adult Big Wheel.  This thing looks so fun.  The company is based in Colorado and you can order one for $599.00.  It would be awesome to have a bunch of these and set up a racetrack and race your friends.  Or have a beer chug race like in the movie Revenge of the Nerds!






I did a post about the Prima Cinema device earlier this year (click here) and this thing is bad!  It’s a device that reeks status and brings the ultimate convenience to your home theater experience.  What this thing does, it allows you to watch movies that are currently playing in theaters in your home.  The catch is that each film you decide to watch will cost you $500.00.  In my Mega Millionaire fantasy life this thing is playing movies on a loop.  Check out the original post I did for specs.







I grew up playing the drums in middle school and high school.  I was in a band called No Big Deal and loved rockin’ out and getting crazy at shows.  Now, as a man with zero responsibilities I want to get that going again.  The Roland TD-30KV are the flagship of electronic drums.  I’ve played these before and they are bad!  A kit will cost you $7,499.00.  Come on Santa, let’s do this…




Sony made a TV that should have been called “The Ponyboy” because it must have been made just for me.  It’s the XBR 4K Ultra HD TV that is 84 inches.  I currently have a 59 inch in my den but bigger is always better.  I haven’t seen this TV in person but you can’t go wrong with Sony,  I loved their Bravia models.  This one might be a bit to big for Santa’s sleigh so you’re going to have to order it  from Sony’s site.  It’s a steal right now for $24,999.99.






I’ve been wanting to get a decent point and shoot camera to take traveling when I don’t feel like lugging my bulky DSLR around.  I was doing some research and I found the tip of the iceberg.  Hasselblad is a maker of professional cameras, the kind of large format cameras that supermodels and celebrity portraits are shot with.  They recently released a compact “point and shoot” camera called “Stellar.”  I haven’t actually seen this thing in person, but with the name Hasselblad it has to be the best.  You can pick one of these babies up for $3,250.00.



Santa, please make these wishes come true!