I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite things that I have come across this past year.  I have purchased all these items/products and they are officially Ponyboy Approved.  Here’s a list of my 10 favorite things from 2013.  (This isn’t a Top 10 list, item are in no particular order.)


–  My favorite television show of 2013 was Breaking Bad.  I was actually late to the game with this show but thanks to Netflix I was able to catch up and watch the final season as they aired.  Breaking Bad is an amazing show and it ended just as strongly as it began.



Breaking Bad

–  I’m not a health food junky but I try to have some good habits.  I discovered Nekter in February of 2013 and I have been going every weekend since.  They have a variety of smoothies and juice drinks that are filled with stuff that’s good for you and they’re actually good!  I have one located right next to my building so I stop in every Sat and Sunday before going skating.  Not sure if they are only a California thing or what, but check them out and try the Tropical Cooler or Banana Berry Burst.




–  Keen Skate Ramps is an online site where you can order pre-built or custom half pipes, quarter pipes, launch ramps, etc.  I ordered a 2×6′ quarter ramp for my nephew over the summer and was extremely impressed at the quality of the ramp.  At their prices, I don’t think you could build it much cheaper.  If you’re into skating, check out Keen Ramps.



7-Keen-Skate-RampsKeen Skate Ramps


–  Gravity was my favorite movie of 2013.  Alfonso Cuaron did what few filmmakers have achieved.  I believe his name is now in the hemisphere with James Cameron and George Lucas.  With this film Cuaron took cinema to the next level.  He implemented techniques and technology that will be mimicked in films in the future.  Gravity was simple and amazing.  I love simple stories that are done to perfection.  Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho is probably my favorite film of all time and it as well is a very straight forward story that is executed perfectly.  If you haven’t seen Gravity, you must.



—  I got the Phillips Hue in January 2013 and currently have six bulbs in the can lights in my den area and three in my bedroom.  This product is awesome!  I have a cinema setting that I use when I’m watching movies, a relax mode that I put on at night when I’m working on the site and black light mode I put on when I feel like getting weird.  If you haven’t heard of the Hue, check it out the link below and watch the demo video.  They can explain better than I.



Phillips Hue


—  The LA Kings play the Anaheim Ducks on January 25, 2014 in a special game at Dodgers Stadium.  For the event each team has revealed their limited edition jerseys that are currently on sale for the public.  I was watching a Kings game when they announced the jerseys and got impulsive and ordered a Anze Kopitar one.  I haven’t actually received it yet but I’m pretty excited about getting it.  It looks so badass and I can confidently say that I already love it!



D-Stadium-Series-KingsTeam LA


—  I waited in line for the PS4 the night it was released.  I was actually waiting to buy it for my nephew but found out later Santa was bringing him one.  After waiting in line for 5 hours I was not returning it, I earned that piece of shit and would be damned if I froze in that line for nothing.  I’m actually glad I got to keep it though, it’s dope.  It’s my all in one entertainment system.  I’ve got Netflix, RedBox, NHL Center apps and it’s my Blu-Ray player.  I just got Call of Duty Ghosts for Xmas and haven’t been able to stop playing it.  PS4 is Ponyboy Approved.




— I eat at Wahoo’s at least 3 times a week. As a bachelor cooking is something I laugh at.  If I’m not going out or eating with my family my path home always includes a stop at Wahoo’s.  This place is so good, it’s guilt free, healthy version of Mexican Food that tastes good.  I’m not sure if how far they spread out across the States but if you see one or visit us in California stop in and try it.  The carne asada enchiladas are heavenly.




Wahoo’s Fish Taco

—  Sticker Robot is a cool company I just discovered this year.  They print high quality vinyl stickers at a reasonable rate.  Now I’ve used other companies and I have to say I always regret not using Sticker Robot.  They are the best.  If you’re ever looking to promote your business or make someone a cool gift then check them out.  I’m going to make some new Ponyboy stickers in the New Year and I need all your help posting them everywhere.



Sticker Robot


—  Rookies is my favorite app of 2013.  I did a post about it earlier this year and shared some of the cards I made.  Rookies is an iOS (and Andriod, I think) app that provides you with various old school baseball card templates. You then insert your own pictures and add your own text.  You can put anything you want!  Then if you decide you want to order a pack of them, they will send you a wax coated baseball card pack (like the old days) with your printed cards inside.  Rookies is free to download.  Check out some of my cards below…







If you found a cool product that you think we will like share it with us contactponyboy@yahoo.com