Do you guys remember Andy Dick?  How can you forget him, right?  The guy from MTVs Sober House, drunken TMZ follies and Division 3, on Stars, most recently.  Well back in the day he was on some pretty big shows like News Radio and Less Than Perfect and I actually became pseudo-friends with him through a series of random people.  A nutshell version of the story goes, I was producing a music video for Kurupt’s little brother Roscoe and the guy directing it somehow got word that Andy Dick was looking for a crew to produce his first feature film called Danny Roane: First Time Director.  We ended up meeting with Andy at his badass house in Hollywood and starting working together.  It was a trip, I think Andy was on the bottle then so nothing ever seemed to pan out, but we did meet with an ex-arms dealer and a member of the Gambino crime family who were both interested in financing the film.  Andy had a list of Hollywood stars that agreed to take part in the movie but the financier’s were only interested if we gave those stars top billing and put them on the billboards.  Needless to say, no dice.


On drugs not on drugs, whatever, Andy Dick is a cool dude.  He was always super polite, taking us out to dinner, letting me bring my friends over to meet him and always treated me with respect.  If you were a bum or Ben Stiller, he treated you the same.  One time I remember we were having a production meeting at his house meeting with a costume designer and everyone was sitting around saying “where’s Andy?”  I decided to go look for him and found him in the backyard jumping on a trampoline in nothing but his tight white undies, ha!  I was dying.  He’s that type of guy, just the look on his face will crack you up.

There was also a time when I had an idea for a show on MTV based around this motorcycle crew called the Metal Mulisha. The show was called Mission Mulisha and was a reality show that had FMX riders complete to become an honorary member of the Mulisha (Think The Ultimate Fighter but freestyle MotoX.)  I presented Andy with the idea and he signed a letter of intent saying he would participate in the show if it was produced.  That gave me a little leverage when dealing with producers, etc.  That story ends by those assholes ripping off my idea and making their own version. I think it was on Fuel TV or something.  My point is that Andy did me a solid by signing that paper, he was that kind of guy.


This gallery is dedicated to my long lost friend Andy Dick