Are you a Star Wars fanboy or girl.  If so then the Hotel Sidi Driss is a must for your bucket list.  It’s the site of Luke Skywalker’s childhood home on the planet Tatooine.  I’m not a huge Star Wars guy but I grew up loving the movies and I remember the scene where Luke and his family are having dinner I wanted the cups and pitcher that they used at their table.  Weird I know, but I was a weird kid.

The Hotel Sidi Driss is located in Tunisia in a small village called Matmata.  The hotel can accommodate 145 guests with 20 different rooms in 5 caverns.  It features a bar and dining area and only costs about $10 US dollars a night.  At those prices you know it’s going to be a shitty hotel, but if you’re heading all the way there I don’t think comfort is your first objective.  I bet a lot of weird fantasies have been lived out in these rooms.  If only the walls could talk.