This is a crazy little story and it’s 100% true. About a year after high school I went to a house party with my friends (Long Beach, CA) and there was a fight, not uncommon at a backyard party. I was picked up by this big guy by my throat and he slammed my head against a wall 3-4 times. My head was bloody and I went to the hospital and got stitches. That’s not the crazy part. Well, my friends ended up spending the night at my house (my parents house) and we all woke up around 11am and decided to go eat at SuperMex (Mexican food place in Long Beach.) We ate our food and when the bill came the waitress gave us each a fortune cookie. I had eaten at SuperMex at least 150 times before this day and had never received a fortune cookie. We all looked at each other with a WTF look because we’re in a Mexican food place and in our experience we’d only received fortune cookies at Chinese restaurants. Everyone read their fortunes and they were all pretty generic, the usual “Good things will happen to you soon” and “A new relationship will come into your life”, etc. When we got to mine, I couldn’t believe what it read! It read “You Have A Headache.” Holy shit! I did have a headache!  And I’d never seen a fortune that said “You Have A Headache”…and I was eating at a Mexican food place which never hands out fortune cookies!  Crazy, I still have the fortune to this day and I’ve been to SuperMex 150 more times since that day and haven’t ever received a fortune cookie again.  Now check out these…..

Legendary Toronto Maple Leafs enforcer Tie Domi engages a worthy opponent of his era, Lyle Odelein.


This is terrifying.


One cheese sandwich please!


An ad taken out in a Russian newspaper announcing the death of Walter White.