Let’s play a little game called Good, Bad, Idiot, Genius with a collection of tattoo pictures I’ve assembled from across cyberspace. Here we go….

1.  IDIOT – Terrible idea for a tattoo, terrible placement and bad execution.

2.  IDIOT  –  Stupid.

3.  BAD – Not as bad as the one above but still pretty stupid.

3.  BAD – If you’re so “money hungry” why are you spending your money on stupid tattoos?

4.  GOOD  – Can’t go wrong with Cosby.

5.  BAD  –  Why?

6.  GOOD – What can I say, who doesn’t love a good Snack Pack.

7.  IDIOT  –  Nothing good about this back.

8.  IDIOT  –  WTF was this guy thinking.

9.  GOOD – I’m not a fan of Will Smith but I did love the Fresh Prince.  This is okay by me.

10.  GOOD – I love Doritos, this guy probably does too.  If you’re going to get a tattoo why not get something you love.

11.  GENIUS –  Not sure what this is about but I like it.

12.  GOOD – I loved the movie Jurassic Park and I like Giraffes so it’s okay.

13.  GOOD – This is a regrettable one that I’m sure when this guy gets a little older will want removed but for now he’ll have a nice six pack when laying by the pool.

14.  IDIOT –  Insane.

15.  GENIUS – I’m not a huge Star Wars fan but this is cool.

16.  IDIOT – It will be funny the first time she puts her knuckles in you face when you ask her a question like “Do Dolphin’s Sleep?”  Then it’s just annoying and you’ll cringe every other time she gives you that smug look and raises her arms.  Dumb.

17.  GOOD –  That’s fine.

18.  IDIOT – Unless he owns the company which I seriously doubt.

19.  Bad  –  Unless you’re a gamer, then it would be an exhilarating bulls-eye.

20.  GOOD – It’s original.

21.  IDIOT  –  Typo.

22.  GOOD – It’s so ridiculous that it’s pretty good.  You can tell he got it when the Spice Girls were chart toppers because the ink looks old.  He was one hell of a fan.

23.  BAD – I used to be a big fan of SRIRACHA but it started making me sick with that garlic flavor.  I can’t support this.

24.  GOOD – Like I said before, I’m not a big Star Wars guy but C3PO in a wig and little German hat is pretty cool.

25.  GOOD –  TREX protecting a cupcake, holding it for you with his tiny arms.  You know he can’t eat it because his arms can’t reach his mouth.  This one is approved.

26.  IDIOT – Dumb.

27.  GOOD – I’m not a fan of Van Halen but if I was and wanted a tattoo to express my love for them, this would be at the top of my list.

28.  BAD – Unless this is a Russian guys arm, then I would change my pick to GOOD (that’s their National beverage.)  If this is Rodney from Ohio it looks like his tattoo artist was drinking Smirnoff before doing this tattoo.

29.  GOOD – 5 + 4 does equal 9.  Can’t argue with that.

30.  GOOD – I had this action figure as a kid and loved him.  My judgement is skewed.

31.  IDIOT – Uggghh

32.  GENIUS – Perfection.

33.  GOOD – I would have given it a Genius if it didn’t say “White Trash.”  Just a nasty bitch at the Waffle House, I like that.

Let me know how you’d rank them…