Last Thanksgiving the Pony Crew took a little trip to one of my favorite places in the world, Germany.  We stayed 5 nights in Munich and drank, ate and puked are way through Bavaria.   Here’s a breakdown of Ponyboy Approved things to do while visiting this badass country.

First thing LA to Munich non stop is about a 12 hour flight.  Fly non stop it’s worth it.

We flew on Lufthansa: Overall experience rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars.  Food was decent, free beer, decent entertainment system.  Nothing really flashy in coach that made it stand out but it was a comfortable flight.


We stayed at the Hotel Lux  right in the mix between the Marienplatz and the Hofbrauhaus.  Actually the hotel is probably 500 steps away from the Hofbrauhaus which made it convenient to navigate home after multiple liters.

Hotel Lux: Overall experience rating: 3 out of 5 stars.  The hotel was actually very nice, clean and roomy.  The only problem was we didn’t feel very welcome.  It’s a boutique hotel that is in the mid range price category and very swank.  I don’t think the hotel manager liked the fact that we were four American guys looking to party.  Another flaw with this hotel is they don’t have an elevator, only a giant circular staircase that will give you a case of the spins when walking down hungover.  I don’t think I would stay their again going with a group of dudes, actually I don’t think they would let me, but if I was going with a girlfriend, wife or for business I would for sure….if they allowed me.

Front of Hotel
Room – Picture on website
Room – Real Life
Mind Bending Stairs

Check out this outdoor market right next to Marienplatz, which is considered central Munich (I think.)  It’s a cool to walk through and check everything out.  You can find a bunch of knick knacks and souvenirs there.  I found some cool stuff.  I also had my first Schnitzel there which is basically a piece of boneless fried chicken on a bun.  It’s good.  If you go during the cooler months you can also get a cup of mulled wine which is pretty strong and will get you nice and warmed up.

Viktualienmarkt is a  Ponyboy Approved experience.

Cartoon Santa purchased knick knack




 Day Trip to Dachau
A cool and sobering experience is taking a trip to the town of Dachau, which is home of the closet concentration camp to Munich.  I’m really glad we were able to see this.  I had no idea how big it was and how many victims passed through the same walls I was visiting.  It’s a terrible thing but it’s something that you must see and experience.

Dachau Memorial is a Ponyboy Approved experience…

Prisoner bunks
“Work Will Set You Free” – A lie the guards used at the labor camp



Couldn’t have said it better myself.

 Day Trip to Legit Alpine Village – Mittenwald
I wanted to check out a real Alpine Village in the Bavarian Alps and I read that Mittenwald is arguably the best.  We took a 2 hour train ride from Munich to Mittenwald and it was worth it.  You’re not going to get much excitement  out of Mittenwald but it’s a cool to walk the cobblestone streets, look in the shops and drink beers in the Alps!  Mittenwald is a cool little town, if you’re looking to party I think Garmisch is a better option.  Mittenwald is small, quaint and enchanting.

Mittenwald is a Ponyboy Approved experience…

Paintings on the side of buildings
I want to bathe in those suds.




Train station beer

A popular tourist attraction in the center of Munich and a must do.  This place is basically a huge restaurant with bench style seating, a live band and a lot of history.   You’ll see locals there drinking nightly and don’t be surprised if they join for a beer or two.
We got our moneys worth out of the Hofbrauhaus being so close to our hotel and all.  We must have went 3 times, I think?  It’s all a blur now!  The best souvenir from our entire trip was a keychain that a girl at the beerhall made with a picture of all of us.

Hofbrauhaus is a Ponyboy Approved experience…

HofBrau entry way, Buddy in front of the OG keg.

HB ceiling


Twinzies  getting horn!!!

Our German buddy we met wearing Spiders LA Kings hat.

Keychain girl made this for us.

Oops, I bought my hat after a few and realized the next day it was a girls hat.


Spider and our new German friend feeling each other out, looking for weakness.



I’m not really into visiting museums or gardens or old palaces unless it’s something that I’m interested in.  A lot of tour books and websites recommend you do those things, but that’s not always for me.  When you travel don’t be afraid to deviate and adapt your plans.  Make the most of your time and most importantly just have fun.  Here’s a cool quote I found “travel is the only thing you spend money on that makes you richer.”  -not sure.   Remember that, when you’re forking out that cash for a round beers in a different country.

Random Michael Jackson Memorial
Weird German Ad


Cig Machine




In just about every bathroom.
Pony blast


Dolce Vita Strip Club doesn’t allow real dollars, you have to buy these.
3am can’t sleep, Spider taking night vision pics of G-Money in bed.



Coffee in Munich
Another sex machine


Random party animal pic I came across online



Coming soon Ponyboy Approved Travel:  Prague.  The land of so many hot girls.