I’ve always thought it would be cool to live in a village or small town. Maybe it’s because I’m from the Los Angeles area and all I’ve known are homes with small yards, strip malls and traffic. Here’s a collection of some cool looking towns and villages that I would love to visit and stay for a while.  Weeeee!

Aigues-Mortes, South France 


Aslace, France 


Bern Switzerland 


Bibury, England 


Chamonix, France 


Dinant, Belgium 


Gokayama, Japan 


Gosau, Austria 


Hallstatt, Austria (spring) 


Hallstatt, Austria (winter) 


Hida Folk, Japan 


Labin, Croatia 


Lavertezzo, Switzerland 


Lofoten, Norway 


Loket, Czech Republic 


Manarola, Italy 


Maramures, Romania 


Meteora, Greece 


Mittenwald, Germany 


Mont Saint-Michel, France 


Mosel, Germany 


Neringa, Lihuania 


Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Perast, Montenegro 


Popeye’s Village, Malta 


Pororoz, Slovenia 


Portofino, Italy 


Sighisoara, Translyvania 


Sorrento, Italy 


Sveti Stefan, Montenegro 


Svolvaer Norway 


Toledo, Spain 


Tuscany, Italy 


Wells, UK 


Whitby, England 


Wurttemberg, Germany 


Xitang, China 


Yangshuo, China 


Zermatt, Switzerland