Back in the day in the little surf town of Del Mar, CA there was a skate ranch that sat right off the 5 freeway.  This park hosted some of the greatest skaters of our time like, Tony Hawk, Danny Way, Christian Hosoi and Steve Caballero (to name a few.)    During that time my grandpa had a condo in Del Mar and my family would spend most of every summer there.  I remember going and watching the pros and being in awe as the soared through the air in the keyhole pool.  It was amazing!

I put together a gallery of pics taken at the skate ranch mostly by photographer J. Grant Brittain, who worked their at the time.  This collection brings back a lot of memories even though I was too chicken to actually skate, I was really little then.  When I’m filthy rich I’m bringing back the Del Mar Skate Ranch, mark my words!