Not sure if you guys have heard of these yet, they’ve been out for a while now and I actually bought six bulbs this past December and put them in my den.  Let me tell you, these are so badass! If you don’t know about them they are called the Hue and are smart light bulbs that let you control the color and brightness individually from you iPhone.  The Hue app gives you preset options for relaxation, concetration, sunrise and more.  You can also import any picture into the app and create your own lighting schemes.  You have full control of each individual bulb and it is extremely easy to set up and work.


Check out the link for a demo on what they can do.  This is a way underrated piece of technology that I can attest to.  My favorite is the Cinema setting and the Relax setting.  I use them every night.

Check out the Hue website for more details.
Phillips Hue