If you live in the LA area or somewhat nearby and are a fan haunted houses, scary movies and the excitement of being terrified, I found the perfect event for you.

The Great Horror Campout is an overnight immersive experience into an interactive horror camping adventure.  Whether you decide to stay in your tents or venture into the darkness you are fair game.  Lasting 12 hours from 8pm-8am you will face your childhood fears as you participate in a 32 acre “Hell Hunt” coming across a plethora of species anxiously awaiting to attack you.  Oh, and even if you decide to skip the hunt and stay in your tent you will likely awoken and drug out of your tent.


The Great Horror Campout is for adults 18 or over on June 7th and 8th.  Tickets are $149 each.  Get them while they last.

Visit:  The Great Horror Campout