If you’ve ever wanted to take a trip to Europe but are a little nervous about traveling through foreign countries with your irresponsible buddy, than this is the trip for you.  Contiki Tours offers various itineraries through Europe as well as many other destinations.  Don’t think that this is one of your grandma and grandpa’s tour bus trips either.  Contiki is designed specifically for 18-35 year olds and let me tell you, it is a blast!



I’ve actually been on a Contiki trip through Europe.  I can honestly say it was probably the best trip I’ve ever taken (Contiki isn’t paying me to say this and for an average person I’ve traveled a lot.)  I went on the European Discovery Tour – 7 countries in 12 days.  It was a whirlwind but so much fun.  We stayed a few extra nights in London where the trip started, then went to Amsterdam, Germany (St. Goar and Munich), Austria(Tyrol), Switzerland(Lucerne), Italy(Verona and Venice) and France(Paris.)


I had so much fun on this trip.  The bus is filled with young people looking to have a good time and our tour leader would give us a run down on things we could do in each country, then we would vote and he would take care of all the arrangements.  You don’t have to worry about travel, hotel and most meals.  It’s a great way to introduce yourself to Europe.

Amsterdam, Holland

Here’s a list of some awesome experiences I had in each country (not the obvious sightseeing stuff.)

1.  London – Buying a can of beer from a vending machine.
2.  Amsterdam – Going to a live sex show, then going to a coffee shop night club.  Hooter!!
3.  Munich – I drank 5 liters of beer at the Hofbrauhaus then jumped in a large bush. No pun intended!
4.  Switzerland – Party boat on Lake Lucerne.  Witnessed a girl (can’t remember her name, she was traveling solo) on our trip, who’s boyfriend had paid for it, hook up with this dude in the banquet area of the boat.  Ha!
5.  Venice – The food!
6.  Paris  –  Watching a bum fight in the streets and going to a Cabaret.


Lucerne, Switzerland

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