The Super Bowl is tomorrow and to get things kicked off let’s take a look at a few big game controversies.

Super Bowl I — Max McGee
The Packers’ backup wideout, made his legend by dodging bed check and drinking in Los Angeles all night before the game. While nursing a brutal hangover on the bench, he was stunned to be sent into the game in the first period. In an enduring testament to intestinal fortitude, woozy Max caught seven passes for 137 yards and two TDs in Green Bay’s 35-10 win.


Super Bowl XXIII — Stanley Wilson
The night before the game in Miami, Bengals fullback Stanley Wilson told his teammates he had left his playbook in his hotel room. After failing to show up for a meeting, he was found on the floor of his bathroom, sweating, shaking, and overdosed on cocaine. Without him, the Bengals lost 20-16 to San Francisco.

Super Bowl XXXIII — Eugene Robinson
Hours after winning the Bart Starr Award for high moral character, Falcons safety Eugene Robinson was busted by an undercover cop on Miami’s Biscayne Boulevard for solicitation. The next day, Robinson took the field against the Broncos and got burned by wideout Rod Smith for an 80-yard TD in a thoroughly embarrassing 34-19 loss.

Super Bowl XXXV — Ray Lewis
The previous year, Ravens LB Ray Lewis was arrested in a case involving the stabbing of two men at an Atlanta nightclub after Super Bowl XXXIV. Murder charges were dropped, but Lewis was convicted of obstructing justice. That turned his appearance in Super Bowl XXXV into a morality play. Widely perceived as a villain, Lewis won game MVP honors in Baltimore’s 34-7 dismantling of the Giants.