BTS “The Impossible”

It’s no secret that I love movies.  It’s also no secret that I love movie secrets.  Here’s some awesome insight on how practical FX designers and visual FX designers collaborated to create the Tsumnai destruction of a Thai resort in the recent film “The Impossible.”

Final Aerial Shot of Tsunami wave crashing into the Thailand resort.

I kind of feel like that magic guy on Fox that used to wear a mask and reveal all of the magicians secrets.  If you’re having doubts, close this page now.

 Here is a 1:3 scale model of the bungalows used .
 This should give you some perspective on the scale.
I’ve always wanted to hang out in a tiny town.
This is the sky and background that the VFX artist digitally put in the scene.
Digital palm trees and shit.
Testing the 1:3 scale shot
The actual filmed 1:3 scale shot.
Final shot with digital VFX
Aerial practical FX shot.
Actual Thailand resort shot
Final shot after the images were composited together.
N. Watts getting her acting on in a pool.
N. Watts fight for her life in the final shot
Here is the final product in live action.  Enjoy.