So I’ve decided to use the word “undiscovered” very loosely in this series, especially in this post.  I discovered Nash Edgerton about 3 years ago when I first saw his heart stopping short “Spider.”  This film lit me up then blew my fucking socks off.  I knew instantly Nash was my kind of filmmaker.  His ability to tell an in the moment type story that’s compelling, simplistic and utterly engaging is something that’s few and far between in the realm of short films.  I’ve watched a ton of shorts and most seem cram so much information in their stories you’re overloaded with irrelevant details leading to predictable conclusions.  It’s like whoever taught them about making movies didn’t teach them how to make short movies.  I’ve seen enough feature films told in 20 minutes or less to last a lifetime.  When filmmakers are in the lab creating their next festival blockbuster it is key to create a narrative that is captivating, evoking and leaves your audience thirsty for more.  That to me is the sign of a great short film and Nash Edgerton has perfected it.

Nash is an Australian writer, director, producer, actor, editor and stuntman.  He is most famous for his stunt work which includes The Matrix triology, The Thin Red Line, Superman Returns, Star Wars II, Stars Wars III and a whole lot more.  Nash is a member of the Australian based company Blue-Tongue Films and the LA based music video/commercial company The Directors Bureau.  His most recent and probably most mainstream work is the Brandon Flowers music video “Crossfire” starring Charlize Theron.  This video is original, creative and literally kicks fucking ass!  Nash has directed one feature film titled “Square” as well as a handful of shorts.  Though I have yet to see “Square,” I can bet that the film has a very humanistic feel just as all his shorts do.  The thing I love about Nash’s style is that his films feel like they are plucked from real life.  No matter how fantastic the story, he encompasses the ability to make moments feel real.  Dialogue, actions and situations in which his characters are involved are portrayed in a ways that don’t feel forced or contrived.  Nash adds the human element to his work that can bring you deep into his stories, then he’ll punch you in the face so be prepared.  Nash Edgerton is a badass, and if you’ve never heard of him, mark my words…that won’t be for long.

Here’s a few of my favorite Nash Edgerton shorts: