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Daily 32

That's a 40 foot fall that dude is taking right there off that loop.  Good luck with all that! ...

Rita Ora is so Hot!

This is the second post I've done featuring pictures of Rita Ora.  I think she is so hot!  I saw her name on a list of c...

Daily 32

Got that caterpillar on your forehead all fluffed out and ready to get the morning cracking.  Let's go... ...

Monday Muse

Once again it's time for that Monday inspiration to help you focus on those dreams and work hard to achieve them.  Or, i...

Daily 32

The sun is shining and a week from today is the 4th of July!  We're in it now, lets make it memorable. ...

GIF Pony

Friday is my day to ride this mother until the legs go numb.  It's time for the GIF Pony....Let's go! ...
<> on March 3, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.

Daily 32

I've been bottling feeding these 4 abandoned kitties that I found at my work.  I'm not a cat person but they are the fir...
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